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Episode 17: But Did You Hear Me Though? Do you ever feel like you’re not being heard? Communication is so important in any relationship, but what happens when you feel like you’re communicating alone? Listen in for tips on how to deal with feeling ignored.

Episode 16: Imposter Syndrome. Do you ever feel like you aren’t enough or that you don’t deserve all you’ve accomplished? If you constantly doubt yourself, you may be struggling with Imposter Syndrome. Listen for ways to deal with it.

Episode 15: Baggage Claim. We’ve all had baggage and we all have history! Listen in as we discuss ways to leave our bags at baggage claim and why we can’t let our past ruin our futures.

Episode 14: Make Your Bed. Do you ever make a bad choice because you think you can handle the consequences? Sometimes, the cost can end up being more than we can afford….

Episode 13: Moving Forward, But Looking Back… On this episode we talk about remembering Lot’s wife. When it’s time to move forward, you cannot look back.

Episode 12: Breaking Our Own Hearts. Have you ever found yourself breaking your own heart? In the same situations over and over again? Listen in for ways we do this and how to reverse the cycle!

Episode 11: Boundaries and Deal Breakers. Do you ever have issues keeping your boundaries in place & sticking with your deal breakers? Listen in for why that happens and what you can do to fix it!

Episode 10: The Comparison Game. In today’s social and digital world, it’s so easy to get caught up playing The Comparison Game, but it’s one you’ll never win. Listen in for how we get caught up in the first place, and ways to stop comparing ourselves to others.

Episode 9: Who Are You Calling Mad? The Myth of the Angry Black Woman. Have you ever been called an Angry Black Woman? Listen in for more on where this came from and why it’s a myth. We also have our first She Cares segment with The Flow Up!

Episode 8: Should I Stay or Should I Go? Sometimes, we just have to accept that it’s time to let go of certain relationships. Listen in for signs to know you’ve reached that point.

Episode 7: Stress Kills – My Experiences with Anxiety. Listen in as I share my experiences dealing with anxiety, along with ways to help deal with it. ♥July is Minority Mental Health Awareness Month, and I wanted to bring more awareness by sharing a real life experience. 

Episode 6: A Letter to Myself – Looking Back Over Lessons Learned in Our Twenties. Listen to me and our first guest, Asia Berry, discuss evolving as young women heading into our thirties. We share plenty of lessons, tips and laughs!

Episode 5: Get Ready! Or Get Left. Are you ready for the things you’ve been wishing for? If you’re not ready, it could pass you by. Get ready, or get left! Listen to the full episode for how to be ready and for more fun topics.

Episode 4: I’m Moving Forward! We always talk about moving forward in our lives, but how do we start? Why do we need to? Listen in for this and more!

Episode 3: Graceful Exits. Have you ever had to gracefully exit a situation that wasn’t meant for you? It can be hard! Listen in to learn ways to cope.

Episode 2: It’s a Thin Line Between Hope & Naivete. What’s the difference between having hope & being naive? Why is it so hard to know the distinguish them? Listen in for thoughts on this and more!

Episode 1: What is She Copes? She Copes is a NEW podcast for women of color to grow, gain tips, and encourage each other. Listen in to learn more about what you can expect from our podcast and community as a whole!